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Laquer Mastering Gear:
-Scully cutting lathe upgraded by Haeco. (Haeco branded it the VP-1000)
Upgrades include:
-Direct drive Neumann turntable
-Lyrec turntable motor
-Variable pitch operation using a Haeco variable pitch computer.
-Stereo Helium cooled Haeco SC-2.

The audio electronics were custom built in house
-Cutting Preamp is transformer balanced
-Cutting Amps are capable of 500 watts per channel

Outboard Gear:
-RME Audio Digital to Analog converters
-Hand built in house mastering equalizers based on the Sontec 250.
-Aphex Dominator II modified by Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades
-DBX 902 high frequency limiters modified by Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades
-Avenson Audio Mid-SideR

Analog Playback:
-Otari MX-10 1/4" 2 Track
-Ampex 440c 1/4" 2 Track
-High Quality Stereo Cassette
-1/2" 2 track available upon request